I Believe In Stars

I believe in stars.
Not just the ones I can see at night, watching with wonder, that many people have imagined to be gods or ancient kings or angels watching us watch them.
I also believe in the stars I cannot see,  not on the clearest night from a field atop a mountain.  I believe in the stars hidden by billions of miles of nothingness.
I have always known they exist; those empty burning masses past the reaches of telescopes and straining eyes.
I believe there is a bottom to every ocean, though I will never be there.  There is a vastness beyond my comprehension, beyond my silent stars and stars beyond the emptiness.
As much as the never-ending space is unproveable and unfathomable, an end to space is even more ridiculous.  For what would be after the ending, outside of space?
What if the oceans did not have a floor or atoms did not have parts?
That woiuld be harder to believe than things I cannot see like the birth of a star, or fish that live with out any light, or heaven.
Amy Reel


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